David King

We are forced to live in a realm that is strangely made to seem mediocre, that's why uninformed people get bored. It appears that there is a battle of informational energy, consciousness of the awe and wonderment of life, respect, love and compassion, what is right and wrong, and the artificially induced negativity that the so called 'elite' inflict upon humanity.

It becomes apparent that this negativity is made to be even worse, since it is not natural. It would be one thing to warn people about a coming storm, but when the storm is a societal cancer based on thousands of years of criminality of interbreeding control freaks then it's a completely different story. What makes the conspiracy realities even more profoundly serious is that they are unnecessary, and the engineered problems of the world based on scams beyond what anyone would normally imagine could be eradicated as fast as people can break free of their cognitive dissonance by recognition of the magnitude of what is REALLY going on.

The only way to do this is to expose what is standing in the way of why most people choose to regurgitate the words 'conspiracy theory' or "bullshit" instantly in an opinionated, protective of their world views and peer pressure concerns.

The truth is like consciousness and life itself. It will always come forth, will never stop it's relentless pursuit of the coming of fruition of its presence and existence.

As Terrence Mckenna once said, "If the truth can be told as to be understood, it WILL be believed! You don't have to hammer and preach to people about the true dynamics of reality, our job is simply to refine our message, and let the facts speak for themselves." - Information that is not only empowering and interesting, it is absolutely necessary for the survival of life on Earth for us to put an end to the manipulation, lies, and crimes against Humanity.

It is not only necessary to know what is really going on, but obviously to take action nonviolently if the controllers and social engineers are not capable of spiritually awakening and realizing that what we call malevolence, evil, is basically a deficiency of spiritual education. If one don't treat others the way they wish to be treated themselves, they're only going to create a world where others wont care about you either.  No happiness can come from not being loved, and true pleasure comes from true happiness, not the (what most people see as sick) thrill obtained from killing, inflicting fear and control over others.

More and more people are waking up, including some of the controllers themselves:

Many people in high positions of power and entertainment are realizing that what they are enabling is going to destroy them and their families if they don't speak out and change things. It's obvious that if wars and civil unrest are initiated to distract the public from becoming completely aware of the social engineer's agenda and the implications the consequences of the results of what will happen to us are so severe, we MUST do the right thing in order to protect and restore the well being of the Planet that sustains our lives, and our children's lives.

Today it's public figures like Geraldo Rivera who once ridiculed protesters at a 9/11 rally, who are speaking out for instance about the anomalies of the official government's conspiracy theory, particularly how building 7 can fall at near free fall when it only had a few office fires in it.

It's actors such as Jesse Ventura, Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnel, and many others who are presenting the facts that need to be known in order to not be manipulated, and be informed citizens. This is VERY important due to the fact that the wonderment of the nature of reality has been suppressed by distracting us with an "entertainment culture" where most people willingly pay in countries like England who have TV licenses to be mentally shaped; told what to think, told what to believe, told what to wear, while what is truly more than entertaining is to be involved, creating and discovering the world around us. This is why people are not fulfilled, and unhappy.

In the past it was people like Thomas Jefferson, JFK, Martin Luther King, etc. However instead of looking at WHY JFK was killed (he was going to expose the "federal" reserve) people focused on the "conspiracy theory" of just how he was killed.

Problems don't go away unless they are addressed, and only when we spiritually awaken and have the life back in our eyes when people are not consuming fluoride and Aspartame, being involved and interested in the world around us, focusing on creativity rather than making money (which in reality is nothing more than figures on a screen to be manipulated).

In the future, in reality, what is truly negative, and the only fear I have is that people will STILL continue to allow fear itself to prevent what should be a no-brainer in reality: Doing the right thing: investigate serious claims, and take action.

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