I want the world to know how much we suffer, 'cause we're artificially separated. It makes me VERY sad... This suppression of high tech, such as free energy and anti-gravity technology is making people like us be miserable; separated ARTIFICIALLY, i miss you so much!!

IT FEELS SO GREAT BEING IN LOVE, I just hate looking at the sky above without you,
I wish I could fly to be with my wife!

Every passing moment that goes by robs me of time where i could be looking into your eyes.
Instead I cannot do anything but cry, as I try with all my might to fight through this unfair situation...
cruel like a hungry bear, the intense ocean is like a fence, it's vast expanse, puts me in a trance...
in a trance... hopefully for as long as it will take for me to be able to dance with you again...

I miss feeling your kiss, I miss holding you near, my dear...
being without you makes me feel like a spear is going right through my heart...

All I want is to hold you tight,
all I want is for everything to be alright in the world.
All i need is you, all i want is you, I #%^* miss you!

To those who chose to keep clean energy technology away from you and me,
why don't you give me a reverse engineered flying ship,
instead of lies from your lips!?

I could and should be with my baby,
being without you is driving me crazy and my heart is falling apart!

I should have been with you right from the start of our lives
and now I feel so empty because every night my soul flies to be with you...
to look into your eyes...

I just need to see you, just need to be with you, wake up in the morning light,
holding each other tight, in the stillness of the precious moments of our lives.

I love you, I miss you!

baby,your words are so beautiful,i feel completely the same as you do,you put it so eloquantly.our love is beautiful,i love that it makes us feel so complete. I miss you like mad,mostly here im so sad,feels like im locked up for life.im caught in love and our loves changed your dreams,i miss u like crazy,missing you is an internal scream,i love you so much and my heart is so lost without you,as soon as i see you and when i cannot i just want to kiss you and you make love to me and then were back home again.i wish you could see where i live,look at the cars in the sky,float around in love together,i miss holding your hand,and when the night turns to the day i see you where you should be,by my side

- Note: Incase you are wondering why are we talking in public about how much we miss each other, you'll find out that we and other artificially separated couples could be together now if it was not for the New world order.

look at the cars in the sky,float around in love together,i miss holding your hand,and when the night turns to the day i see you where you should be,by my side

Baby... you're so sweet!

I'm so tired of being so far from you, I'm so sad, I'd rather live in a world of new world order hell with you than live without you in a proper normal world, the way things should be... I yearn for your presence, but all there is in the place where you once was is an emptiness, a black, cold hole fills every space where you are not, ur my sunlight that takes the darkness out of the night, I want to wake up to your beautiful face in the morning light everyday...

I can't wait till the moment when I can hear you say I love you in my ears my dear... I need to feel the release of the fear that is caused by the threat of wars and engineered economic collapse, making us all feel insanely artificially small by the ones who control every aspect of our lives, who impact everyone's minds with their contrived manipulations... their insinuations, their lies, insults to our very lives... all our lives and freedoms are threatened by those that we despise!

I JUST NEED TO LOOK INTO YOUR EYES RIGHT NOW, NOT ONLY JUST ON SKYPE, I NEED TO HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS AND BE WITH YOU, I NEED MORE THAN TYPE... I need more than just seeing you on my screen, it's making me cry everyday, I wish we never had to say goodbye.

it's torture, feeling this way!!!

I miss you, just need to kiss you! I'm screaming inside constantly too!
I want to actually be with you...
not just dream of you every night... not just think of you constantly everyday...
I need to be with you... I need to see you ... I love you... I miss you!

Either someone donates a reverse-engineered UFO with leather seats (just kidding, doesn't have to have leather seats) or... just enough for us to be able to live together, and we'll be able to be together to fight for all our freedoms a LOT more efficiently if we were together. PLEASE... even if everyone donates 5 bucks, it will make a HUGE difference. I don't like asking for money.... but I will do anything to be with my baby.

your so nutty an funny-leather seats! i think to travel alien craft in cumfort rather than slimey seats or cosmic silver spacecraft upholstery-id prefer those seat covers they once had here in the uk-80's trash chic-and my uncle had these furry seats in his car,they were furry seat covers, i used to like watching the colour of the fur change from light to dark grey as i would move my hand one way and then the other on the car seat covered fur- when i was totally bored in the dark waiting while the grown ups yackked on about ??? :NOT the new world order i can tell ya that for a fact! even though from ex president quotes of the past we can see they were discussing and using the phrase 'new world order' even before i was born..

Wouldn't matter, as long as I could be traveling instantly to be with you... A dream come true. GOD I MISS MY WIFE!

With all the clean energy suppression and crimes against Humanity, I feel the people deserve to have returned to us all the 'elites' hoarded money and knowledge.

- And as they get arrested, we can all live in a world the way things are supposed to be. This is not a dream, this is a very possible reality. You and me, we all need to wake up NOW! GET ACTIVE! POST THE PROOF EVERYWHERE, Even if you are still afraid of what others will think, just post posters when nobody is looking, whatever, just do it to see what will happen. - For fun, instead of spray painting everywhere, do something that MATTERS, and will secure a future where freedom exists. - Post posters everywhere, hand out fliers... DO SOMETHING!

- We all can, and will change the world.
I love everything about you, I need you, you're my one...

Missing you is an internal scream, yes, you are the girl of my dreams... every night, at least I can see you in my sleep. Until I see you again, my soul weeps along with me, as I go about all day needing to pretend to be happy... Wish someone with a little generocity could help us get out of this situation which is utter insanity for us to be so far apart, so we can start our family.

I'm not asking for much, just the ability to be with the woman of my dreams ASAP!