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[VID]5 Trafalgar square Protest Human Rights - 19th Sept 2020 This is the man being arrestedi.mp42020-09-24 21:24 11M 
[VID]33 Arrested In Raucous Protest.mp42020-05-10 01:55 18M 
[VID]Anti-COVID 2000+ B.C. Freedom Mega Rally with David Icke - Part 1 - Vancouver Canada.mp42020-10-22 17:27 483M 
[VID]Anti-Mask Protesters At A Shopping Mall In LA.mp42021-01-07 14:29 2.5M 
[VID]Anti-lockdown protest in London's Hyde Park.mp42020-05-16 19:44 642M 
[VID]BITCHUTE EXCLUSIVE Asking People in Wal-Mart Why the Hell They're Still Wearing Muzzles!.mp42021-01-05 21:52 72M 

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