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[VID]#ExposeCBS Michigan Health Center Workers Stage “Fake Patients” In COVID19 Testing Line For CBS News.mp42020-05-06 14:45 34M 
[VID]#StayHome.mp42020-03-29 23:06 63M 
[VID]33,000 new UK hospital beds for coronavirus patients - BBC News.mp42020-03-28 02:29 170M 
[VID]A second coronavirus wave may be coming, is the UK able to stop it.mp42020-07-30 22:15 9.6M 
[VID]Britain claps to thank carers for eighth week.mp42020-05-15 00:55 2.7M 
[VID]British government changes advice on wearing masks in English schools- BBC News.mp42020-08-26 02:12 20M 
[VID]Britons flock to the Coastline defying stay at home orders ??.mp42020-05-11 01:13 72M 
[VID]CALI LICENCE PLATE Woman in hospital with coronavirus in 'horrific pain that brought me to my knees'.mp42020-03-29 18:24 31M 
[VID][1280x720] (20) CBC News The National on Twitter Is uncle Bob spreading COVID-19 misinformation in the family group chat This doesnt have to be awkward. httpst.coSxX5HVqY9a Twitter.mp42020-04-17 16:28 5.8M 

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