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[VID]'Australians must know the truth - this virus is not a pandemic' Alan Jones.mp42020-10-15 01:01 11M 
[VID]A list of Hundreds of social media posts reporting Death Certificates being Falsified.mp42020-05-10 22:34 23M 
[VID]Australians have been filled 'with fear and alarmism' Alan Jones.mp42020-08-13 16:10 18M 
[VID]BBC Journalist Exposes The Dark Side Of The Media-480..mp42019-11-19 20:12 108M 
[VID]BBC Journalist Exposes The Dark Side Of The Media..mp42019-10-27 01:43 187M 
[VID]Boris Johnson's speech on Brexit, AI robots and chicken at the UN.mp42020-06-19 09:26 32M 
[VID]CBS NEWS Responds After Getting Caught Spreading Fake CV News!!.mp42020-04-01 03:15 19M 
[VID]CNNs Stelter Caught in MASSIVE Lie!!!.mp42020-04-29 23:47 18M 
[VID]Climate Scientist Caught Lying To Australian Public-480.mp42019-12-25 11:39 71M 
[VID]DICKHEAD-David Icke Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory The Danger of Covid 19 Misinformation.mp42020-04-04 19:48 50M 
[VID]Denise Welch Accuses the Government of 'Scaremongering' over the Covid Pandemic This Morning.mp42020-09-07 14:33 48M 
[VID]Don't Question The Coronavirus Vaccine.mp42021-03-03 19:39 15M 
[VID]Kids Are More Likely To Die From Suicide Than Corona.mp42021-03-03 19:13 16M 
[VID]PROOF Canada's Theresa Tam knew in January that China lied about the Wuhan coronavirus.mp42020-04-29 01:58 20M 
[VID]PROOF Gates Foundation LOBBIED TRUDEAU Into Accepting MASS VACCINATION PROGRAM!!!.mp42020-05-03 02:53 24M 
[VID]RETRACTION #314 CBS News prints MASSIVE correction after FAKE testing line airs on CBS This Morning.mp42020-05-11 15:53 35M 
[VID]The Mainstream Medias War on Truth and Freedom.mp42021-01-05 17:19 123M 
[VID]VIDEO_ Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup .mp42019-11-05 21:55 167M 
[VID]VIDEO_ Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES .mp42019-11-12 21:39 97M 
[VID]Watch CNN MIND CONTROL Emotional George Bush Propaganda!.mp42020-05-05 05:12 54M 
[VID]YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Anything That Goes Against The W.H.O. is a Violation of YouTube Policies.mp42020-04-29 13:42 3.9M 
[VID]staged nurse protest.mp42020-05-05 04:10 5.9M 

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