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[VID]“We broke no law” Pastor threatened by police for hosting drive-in Sunday service.mp42020-04-28 23:08 59M 
[VID]' LOCKDOWN OR BEATDOWN ' , I'LL HOUSE YOU MASH UP.mp42020-04-01 12:22 33M 
[VID]A bad day Aussie ‘COVID dissident’ arrested after backing Melbourne anti-lockdown protest.mp42020-09-04 21:11 11M 
[VID]After pregnant woman is arrested it must be a ‘national day of shame’.mp42020-09-04 19:43 20M 
[VID]Another innocent Man Arrested For Walking !!.mp42020-04-30 14:24 9.8M 
[VID]Anti-Masker and Security Staff Clash at Burnaby Canadian Tire.mp42021-02-27 19:50 5.2M 
[VID]Anti-Maskers Forced Inside Coffins Cemeteries Among Bizarre New COVID Punishments.mp42020-09-11 20:55 458M 
[VID]Anti-lockdown activist arrested in her dressing gown after filming empty hospital ward - Mirror Online.mp42021-01-08 20:06 14M 
[VID]Anti lockdown demonstrators fight back against the Metropolitan police as they VIOLENTLY arrest another peaceful person-Martin Costello on Facebook Watch.mp42020-11-30 02:59 3.0M 
[VID]Anton - Woman beat by police no mask.mp42020-10-04 17:42 4.5M 
[VID]Argentina cops chase people not in quarantine.mp42020-03-21 15:44 2.4M 
[VID]Arguing With Police About Not Wearing a Face Covering.mp42020-11-18 21:57 10M 
[VID]Arrested 4 Non Essential Walking allegedly strip search to try obtain ID?? Link ??????.mp42021-03-03 16:26 7.7M 
[VID]Arrested For Rescuing Mother From Care Home.mp42020-11-04 19:10 5.4M 
[VID]Australian Cop Strangles Woman for Not Wearing a Muzzle.mp42020-08-30 19:31 23M 
[VID]Woman Dragged Out Of Store For Not Wearing Mask.mp42020-08-25 22:57 8.2M 
[VID]Woman dragged from supermarket for refusing to wear face mask.mp42020-08-25 22:52 1.7M 
[VID]Woman dragged from supermarket for refusing to wear face mask2.mp42020-08-30 18:12 2.9M 
[VID]Young Son Screams As Mother Arrested, Lawful Protest Sydney Aus..mp42020-05-09 22:24 39M 
[VID]Zoe - Pregnant woman arrested over anti lockdown face book post.mp42020-09-03 03:42 11M 
[VID][1280x720] Alabama cop caught on video body-slamming maskless woman in Walmart.mp42020-05-09 22:41 8.8M 
[VID][1280x720] Texas park ranger asking people to comply with social distancing is pushed into lake; suspect arrested Fox News.mp42020-05-03 14:34 52M 

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