The UK government wages war on dissenting opinions on the Internet.

Added on :  19-Feb-2019
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The UK government has determined that Facebook must be managed by the UK government -- including what content people can post and see. British press is in lock-step with this viewpoint, stating that sites like YouTube and Facebook need to be governed and not allowed to contain (or show) information that specific people might disagree with. More info, MP3 RSS Feed, & how to support the show:

Editor's note: 

Congratulations flat Earthers, you've now enabled the tyranny your ridiculous by design, astroturfed turd in the punchbowl piece of crap distraction, division, but most importantly, discrediting attempt psyop was made for. Good luck feeling significant and not a speck of dust in the universe when it's too late to address the REAL conspiracies that literally threaten all our lives, such as the engineered wars, depopulation agenda, etc. You literally had irrefutable, undeniable proof of crimes against humanity at your fingertips, SERIOUS ISSUES, but you chose to shove your head down the obviously wrong rabbit hole, just because it seemed like what everyone was into, but while your head was in the sand, like the willingly ignorant, your ass was in the air, and the new world order is fucking it now. WAY TO GO! You've just thrown millions of years of struggling and striving to survive down the toilet, as well as the future for all potential future generations. Hope you enjoy being in their company with infinite guilt for eternity in the afterlife.
Now please, look your children in their eyes now and tell them what you were doing in our last closing window of opportunity to peacefully secure our freedom and lives.

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